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Buutvrij is a creative coffeehouse that is founded by Bibi and Marieke in 2013. The name Buutvrij came from a Dutch game, like hide and seek. “We wanted a Dutch short powerful name, a name that gives you the feeling that you are “free” for a moment, free from the busy life. Buutvrij is something older people used to play and is still played by children. A little crazy and creative, and that suits us.”Bibi and Marieke met each other during their study, they cooporated in many projects and are friends for over seven years now. It wasn’t their primary goal to start a hospitality business, but they both wanted to do something that could make them happy.

“We just wanted to do something for ourselves, something we liked a lot. So we thought of a couple of ideas and eventually this idea popped out. It is really important to us that the coffee and tea is of high quality and that people can enjoy these biological products responsibly. After all; a better world starts with you! Furthermore we really liked the idea of having some kind of a small stage, where people could free their creative minds.”

On occasion there is a performance by a singer- songwriter, a band or some other kind of cultural activity. At least once a month is the goal. There are also expositions that are refreshed every six weeks. Mostly work of young and beginning artist who haven’t made it to the top (yet). “We really love to boost beginning artists by displaying their work” says Bibi. “Also the work of numerous other artists, like Lieke Land, is for sale at our coffeehouse.”

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The interior design is established with the help of three creatives from a Design Academy. Bibi and Marieke started out with a mindmap, which really generated the mood of how the coffeehouse should look like. They really liked a style with a lot of wood, natural colors, some industrial influences and a sharp edge to it. Eventually they laid down their wishes to the three art design students and presto! Everything you see, like the bar and the stage, is made by these three students.

First off, Bibi and Marieke would like to perfectionate their current concept. They have several ideas, but they are still a bit sketchy. But with small steps everything will be optimized. Maybe, in the far future, they will open a second coffeehouse. Although that is still far far away, because that is, obviously, a lot of work.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere at Buutvrij and the food and drinks are lovely. Would you like to experience it for yourself? Why don’t you stop by at Buutvrij?

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photography by Manon van Wezenbeek



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