Eethuis Twintig

Enjoying delicious, organic and healthy food while you’re shopping design and vintage goodies. That’s what Eethuis Twintig in Tilburg is all about! 

The founders of this unique lifestyle restaurant are Sannie Post and Adriënne Pijnenburg. Sannie worked in the hospitality industry in Den Bosch for many years. She started her own business and has helped many restaurants to get back on track. After a while Sannie wanted to open her very own restaurant and that’s how a partnership with Adriënne started. Adriënne is a graphic designer who prefers to create on paper or screen. It was a big challenge for her to do something that required spatial design, but her passion for vintage and interior really helped a lot.

The concept is inspired by the “combination stores” they saw during their visit to London. Combination stores are stores that consist of two or more concepts, forming a company. This eventually inspired them to combine their passion for food and design to create a new experience. Eethuis Twintig is an inspirational place for everyone!

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What is special about the food?
It’s not everyday food that they serve. Eethuis Twintig does a lot for people with allergies. The products are often local or organic, therefore it is also important that the food is fresh and healthy. Near the Piushaven is a city garden where they often get vegetables and fruit. The coffee beans are fresh and roasted by a small company in Eindhoven. On the menu you’ll find a lot of vegetables and a fair bit of meat or fish.

What’s striking about Eethuis Twintig is that everything is for sale inside the property. Furniture, service, vases, art and food, you can literally buy everything. The building radiates a modern and unique atmosphere that comes from a love for the Scandinavian style.

Adriënne: “The simplicity of shapes is something that really appeals to me, maybe because I’m a graphic designer. The combination of design and vintage appeals to people very much. This combination allows you to create an interior that is surprising. “

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What would you still like to achieve in the future?
Adriënne: “I would like for designers or young artists to have the opportunity to showcase their work. It is expensive to have a private shop or studio, so I would like to offer them a platform. People can buy their work here so they have a fair chance in gaining publicity and earn a bit of money. Furthermore, we would also like to help troubled (young) people like refugees or teenagers to take a step further in their social contribution by offering them a job. Sometimes we have a refugee doing the dishes, because we feel that everyone deserves a fair chance. ”

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Photography by Manon van Wezenbeek



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