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Gevonden op Marktplaats / Wintersalon

When you happen to visit Amsterdam, I recommend you visit ‘Gevonden op Marktplaats Wintersalon’. It’s a pop-up store packed with vintage, art and design objects that are bought on the famous Dutch equivalent of eBay; Marktplaats.

Founder of this pop-up store is Julien Rademaker, he writes blogs and columns for the ‘Volkskrant’.
About five years ago, this initiative started as a hobby. He discovered a lot of interesting objects and special items on Marktplaats, which he bought for himself when he decided to move into a bigger place. Being able to find such amazing objects on Marktplaats is a gift. A large amount of junk is also advertised on the platform, so you really have to have an eye for detail and a lot of patience. Because he couldn’t buy everything for himself, he started a blog where he could share his passion for these objects.
Recently, Julien found this beautiful location on the KNSM-lane in Amsterdam and created a wonderful pop-up store with his collection. He decorated & styled everything himself.

wintersalon 01

wintersalon 02

wintersalon 03

wintersalon 04

wintersalon 05

When you arrive at the KNSM-lane, you’ll find a nice and cosy street packed with interesting shops. Once you enter the ‘Wintersalon’, you get engulfed in the amazing atmosphere. Two stories full of unique accessories, art and furniture. Clearly, Julien divided different styles into different rooms, to create an atmosphere that makes you feel at home almost instantly.

Not everything displayed is vintage; the different rooms are decorated with plants and cushions of famous designers, which creates a subtle mix. Julien is also looking for less popular brands, because he believes their story is more interesting than that of well known brands. 

wintersalon 06

wintersalon 07

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wintersalon 09

It is also possible to buy something in the ‘Wintersalon’. It’s an exposition of beautiful objects that are for sale. Julien likes to see his store as some sort of a playground. He is constantly changing styling and decoration and that passion can be recognized in his own interior too. An interior is never finished. And of course it’s also fun to renew every now and then.

wintersalon 10

wintersalon 11

wintersalon 12photography by Manon van Wezenbeek



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