HAY Rotterdam

The Danish brand HAY is one of my favorite brands. The simplicity, colours and shapes show us that their products are made durable and that they are designed with love. Functionality is very important and it’s also a necessity. HAY works with several designers who are always looking for innovative designs and new technologies.HAY was founded in 2002. They presented their work at the furniture fair in Cologne, which turned out to be their breakthrough. In 2005 HAY launched a line of accessories. Each of these products has it’s own story and is sold all over the world. These products are also made by different designers which means each product is unique.

You can buy HAY products all over the world, including the Netherlands. We are pleased to see that another new HAY store has opened, in Rotterdam. The outside of the building is a sight to see, but when you enter the inside you’ll be delighted even more. The marble stairs lead you to a special room filled with designer furniture and accessories. At the HAY mini-market you can buy both cheap and expensive accessories. Also, the store turns out to be a great place for inspiration. The store has different living experiences and the atmosphere gives you the experience of enjoying a designer house.

When you happen to visit Rotterdam, I would suggest you visit this beautiful HAY store. I dare you to leave it without buying anything.


Opening HAY 07


Opening HAY 00

Opening HAY 05


Opening HAY 06

Opening HAY 03

Photography by Manon van Wezenbeek



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