heimtextil 2015

Heimtextil is a yearly fair, where suppliers, designers and buyers of interior textiles from all over the world come together. The fair also contains a trend section, where well know trend agencies give their view on the trends in interior textiles for the coming year. The trend book shows a beautiful story and gives us an insight in different worlds, due to the cooperation between The Netherlands, Japan, France, UK, Germany and the USA.

The theme for the trend show is EXPERIENCE.
Starting point for this theme is a research which shows that EXPERIENCE is a growing luxury market. To be able to EXPERIENCE fully, you need to make use of all your 5 senses.

The EXPERIENCE sections hold social, political, technological or artistic topics, which are all influencing designers.

Next week we will post a daily blog about the 6 general trends and themes from the fair.
Later on two more will follow: one about specific textile trends and the last one about trends in colours for this year.

image via Heimtextil



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