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ZERO in het kwadraat

Last week I visited the Textile Museum in Tilburg for the exhibition ZERO in het kwadraat. ZERO is based on the monochrome, a preference for the color white, the use of grids, rhythmic compositions and repeats. The movement originated around the 1960s before the Post Painterly Abstraction and Minimal Art movement. In both trends you recognize minimalism and the absence of expression. Also the different ( everyday) materials and handicraft are very important. The exposition shows the work of Jan Schoonhoven, Henk Peeters, and 9 other artists.



The different materials, lines, tessellations and patterns used in this exhibition caught my attention.
These elements also appear in my work. 
For my graduation project, I put order and chaos facing each other. In this project I work with people who have ADHD/ADD to find out how I can create peace by image and composition. For me, it is important to visualize their mindset to show the beauty of order and chaos.

This exhibition shows the aesthetics of minimalism.
If you are curious about the exhibition, it’s open until the 17th of May 2015 at Textile Museum Tilburg.





photography by Manon van Wezenbeek



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