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Anaïs Cuillier

At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp I got to know Anaïs Cullier, and I was very impressed by her work, that’s why I want to write a blog about her.

Anaïs is from Bordeaux where she started graphic design and then architecture. She has moved to Brussels in her 3rd year of architecture and she graduated from La Cambre in 2011. After that she worked in Paris for an architecture magazine and for an office. But her interest in graphic design grew over the years. So, in 2014 she started a master at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She obtained her master in Graphic Design in 2016 and won the Graphic Design award of the school. She was very surprised. Now she is a freelance graphic designer in Paris, starting her own business. “Architecture is always very present, as a big part of my education. I think that the links between the two disciplines are important and I like to keep an eye on architecture.”

“We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all timeless.” M. Vignelli

In typography, the visual image « Are we not drawn towards a new era »
It was my first typography assignment at school. I chose a typeface that could work as a mirror and the link between the same letter was making others signs like an 8 or an E.


I’m a Maniac Maniac. It is a publication about the « ampersand »
A project on the “ampersand” (&), perceived as a symbol of connection. These collections of ampersands are made by combining different typefaces. The interesting part of this project was to restrict each design using only two typefaces.

ampersand-3 ampersand-5

Master project « New Order »
The aim is to explore the process of classification through its visual and physical properties by (a.) assembling a collection of classification materials, (b.) producing graphically designed output and (c.) arranging all these elements in a fictional workspace setup. This books shows how to do graphic design for and with collected classification materials in order to find a way to use the concept of classification as a design tool. After all, collecting, arranging and editing is what we do in graphic design.

new-order-book-1 new-order-book-2 new-order-research-1 new-order-research-14 new-order-research-16 new-order-setup-1

Chloé Valadié architecte
Identity system & stationery for chloé valadié architecte. The identity is reflecting Chloé and her work: simple, clear, black and white.


Spip fanzine
It is a work in progress. It will be out in January. It’s a fanzine that I am designing combining different texts or images from 13 artists. The editor is Caroline Kervern, an artist and a friend of Anaïs.


Anaïs has started to write a blog when she was a student in architecture. Then she stopped for years and in 2014 she decided to publish all of her inspirations, only black and white designs.

About the way she designs: “I like clear and readable design. I am always using basic typefaces. I think that the design should not take the advantage on the content. We are doing graphic design for an audience.”

Her goal: “If you do it right, it will last forever.” M. Vignelli

Interview with Anaïs Cuillier
Images from Behance



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