Arian Brekveld

At the beginning of this year, designer Arian Brekveld showed some of his new products at IMM Cologne. We like his work and decided to show you a bit more. Arian works from his studio in Rotterdam, where he designs his own products, but he also works on order for clients such as Royal VKB, Royal Delft, Hella Jongerius, Lensvelt and Droog.

Brekveld: “ Every product requires a different approach. Finding the right path is a design product itself.” He allows himself the flexibility to switch between the various phases that are best at any given stage of the design process. “ I am alternating quickly between scale models, computer animations and Mock-ups.”

arian brekveld 01Arian Brekveld shows that he has maintained the ability to grow in his development and in his craft. His objects can without exception be called stylish, without resorting to lavish design. The clear, crisp lines create an almost sober design with a timeless value, which is in part defined by the thorough research and a tasteful and intelligent use of color and material.

Brekvelds designs belong to collections of several musea. Among others:

MoMa, New York | MoMa, San Francisco | Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein | Centraal Museum, Utrecht | Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam | Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Some of his designs we especially like:

arian brekveld 01aarian brekveld 02Zoom- in sofa for Montis
2015  The Zoom In is the result of an intense dialogue between designer Arian Brekveld and manufacturer Montis. It is a testimony to the skills of two specialists in their respective areas: the designer and the manufacturer. Both are able to show their expertise. The designer sees the possibilities and explores their boundaries; pushes, pulls and stretches. The manufacturer, on the other hand, protects his boundaries, name and reputation. And a good manufacturer and commissioner is brave enough to trust his own skills as well as those of the designer. They interact, challenge each other and give each other space, to produce a thing of beauty. The Zoom In is an example of this creative process. (- text by Bernardine Walrecht -)


arian brekveld 05 arian brekveld 06Bat Batrang tableware for Imperfect design
2014 –  Like the Bat Trang vases, this tableware is manufactured with the colorized clay and enamel. The combination of the smooth enamel and the untreated ceramics make the series special. Arian: “For the new Bat Trang Tableware, I started the coloring process from scratch. Tableware requires a totaly different approach when it comes to the use of colors.” Ultimately, the colors turned out to be much softer. It is easy to combine the separate pieces. The dishes underneath the bowls were given a round ring, to improve the position of the bowls. These rings have been accentuated with a support color, which adds a special handmade detail.

arian brekveld 03 arian brekveld 04Vik lounge chair for Spectrum
2013  An anonymous vintage armchair of a relative and the automotive industry inspired Arian Brekveld in the design of his Vik Loungechair. ‘Car seats are always comfortable. They are beautifully made, the materials are used in a clever way and, although they are small, they provide a lot of comfort! I wanted to translate those qualities in my design.’ Adding and subtracting inches, Brekveld kept experimenting until he realized the optimum amount of comfort. The armchair has a low seat, carried by a light pipe frame. The clearly visible construction and elegant contours – caused by the unbroken lines – provide the chair with a dynamic quality. (- text by Peter van Kester – )

images via Arian Brekveld



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