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Fou de Feu is the Ceramic Studio of Belgian designer Veerle van Overloop. Architecture, photography, design & food culture are her main influences as a designer. Her work is a blend of materials in a simple and pure way. Everyday shapes and forms get a different dimension and function.
I came across her work online and really love it!The new Rhythm collection is all about the cleanliness of ceramic combined with other materials, both bringing each other to a higher dimension.

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Rhythm and balance are the keywords that define the newly designed tableware. Pure white porcelain fused with leather, wood & marble. Different sizes of plates, cups & spoons, tablemats and cutting boards give every table its own rhythm.

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Forms no figures

Forms, vases & light mixed with wood. This collection was inspired by industrial forms you find in old factories. Because these are originally in wood, Veerle decided to combine this with the ceramic. The ceramic is stoneware with a thin glaze, the wood that was used is maple honey.
There are different forms & shapes, objects or vases. All collections are made through the process of moulding (slibcasting) in her own studio.

fou de feu 06 fou de feu 07


Obviously inspired by photography, this object challenges its owner to find a function most suitable to him, either practical or decorative. Matte black porcelain mixed with aluminum.

images and text via Fou de Feu



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