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Roos Gomperts

In October of each year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. Last year at the DDW our attention was drawn to the colorful work ‘Back is Front’ by Roos Gomperts. I think this work is simple, clean and graphical but because of that it is super powerful.

These postcards play with the standard elements that are on the back of most postcards. Instead of purely functional use, these recognizable elements are reconsidered and turned around. In this way, Roos shows the graphical power that is hidden behind them.

Roos Gomperts is a multidisciplinary designer based in Rotterdam, NL. She focuses on finding solutions for various visual matter. Roos works with explorative methods with an experimental treatment of material and color. This results in a playful world of concepts, graphical and tactile materials and surprising installations and images.

Parts of the text and images from Tictail.



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