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flower shoot

Last year, we did a shoot with photographer Peggy Janssen, just for fun. I think it is important to do this every once in a while. Of course I like to do commercial work, but when you can create something without briefing or having to think about the image/ look of the client, often the result is more out-of-the-box..and we like that!Peggy and I wanted to do something with flowers and lighting. I chose ton-sur-ton flowers that match the colour of the vase. We used coloured powder for a dramatic effect.

vazen_project 01 vazen_project 02 vazen_project 03 vazen_project 04 vazen_project 05

from the top down: Carter Vase by Floris Hovers, swing 4 by Charlotte Landsheer, blue vintage vase, reddish original by rENs, white vintage vase, yellow vase by Geert Lap.
Many thanks to Cor Unum for lending us their beautiful vases.



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