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loudcloud launch

Next to PURE styling, I started a new business together with my sister Ester. For some years we have had the wish to work together, because we believe our skills would complement each other. The launch of LOUDCLOUD was last January, it has been a busy and exciting time and there still is much work to do but I am very proud of what we have accomplished until now. So I wanted to tell & show you something about it. 

We were raised living in a semi urban area, but with great respect for nature. Our parents often travelled to the mountains with us and we still love to do that ourselves. The pure nature of countries such as Iceland, Tibet, Mongolia and Norway really made a big impression on us. We feel as humans we have an important role in protecting this nature. Also, we both feel passionate about design & interior, so we created LOUDCLOUD
LOUDCLOUD is a conscious interior label, and also a blog. Each product fits in one or more categories: fair | re use | local design | sustainable. We want to inspire and show people that there are many beautiful products for your home that are produced in a good way.
You will find that many products in our collection are special, we love a good story behind a design!

We have our own collection called LOUDCLOUD label, currently existing of cushions in different designs and a very cool curved roomdivider. The cushions are all made of ecological cotton, printed with green inks and the backside of the cushions are made of leftover interior fabrics from the Dutch furniture industry. We use our own photography and designs for this collection. The roomdivider curve is made of ecological plywood and can be put together without a screw or nail. We also sell products of Dutch designers and brands that fit our categories, and combine different items in styled sets in different interior trends. With this trend photography we visualize the various possibilities to create a completely different atmosphere with good basic items. You can browse through our trends, and pick the one that appeals to you most.

We blog about design, hotspots, sustainability & more. We think it is inspiring to read about innovation and brands and companies that work in a sustainable or social way!
We work with passion and enthusiasm and I hope I have inspired you by writing this blog. If you like LOUDCLOUD and want to write or share something about this new initiative, or if you have other ideas, you are very welcome to send us an email. We believe in working together in order to make a change.



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