Color Passport NIA

This week I did a new course at NIA academie: color navigation system Color Passport. Basically, when you work with colors, this system can really help you. In fields of fashion, product design, graphic design, interior design, but also for buyers and product managers it is very suitable. I am very enthusiastic about it!

The Color Passport system is a navigation system that can be combined with different color systems such as Pantone, RAL and NCS. It takes some time to learn how to use all of its potential. It is a comprehensive system that works with hues, gray scales and chroma scales likes many other systems, but it is more than just that. In short the system uses different “layers”; type (e.g. energetic or discrete), style (e.g. business or casual) and culture( e.g. vivid south or natural north)

It is the first system, that I know of, that combines shape and culture with color choices. Very helpful when working on identity and concept. Also, it is a great way to help you motivate your choices.

I will definitely work with it more!




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