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HISTOR trend colour for 2019: quiet clearing

Histor calls Quiet Clearing the Trend color of 2019. The color has been selected by a team of international color experts and fits perfectly with the four Histor Color Trends of 2019: With It, With Class, Without and With Spirit.
I really love this dark green, actually a similar color has been on our studio wall since a few months and we love it! Also we recently did a photo shoot for Trendhopper using Quiet clearing combined with other beautiful greens. It is a very warm intense green and very easy to combine in very different colour pallets.

Elegant deep green

Quiet Clearing is an elegant deep green that brings the balance of nature into the house, regardless of the style of living. It also fits in perfectly with the dark color trend of today. By using the Trend color on one or even several walls and combining it with off-blacks, dark wood and gold tones, an intimate, warm atmosphere is created. Those who prefer a more neutral effect use Quiet Clearing in combination with light wood and light shades, or as an accent color on a smaller wall for a trendy detail.

from a shoot for tica we did last year, photography by Sonja Velda


As far as trend watcher Lieke Lamb is concerned, Quiet Clearing is a logical choice for 2019: “We really want to feel at home again. In an increasingly fast-moving world we seek balance between functionality and atmosphere. The world of tech – in the form of smartphones, smart thermostats and robotics – came in the past few years, causing our house to ‘harden’ and create an imbalance in the interior. In 2019 we will again pay attention to the natural side. We need commitment and make a harmonious place at home. Balance, natural materials and a green appearance – both literally and figuratively – are the trend pillars. ”
I do agree with Lieke, in our trendbook 2019|2020 this colour fits the trend GROWTH. This trend is all about the balance between humans and nature. I feel deep natural colours such as green and earhty tones will continue to be trend in 2020.

Nature at home

Histor-color expert Saskia Huiting on the Trend color of 2019: “The trend color is more than ever a reflection of what is going on in society. Quiet Clearing is elegant and earthy at the same time. The greenery brings the harmony of nature within, so that we can relax completely at home. People need peace and find it traditionally in nature. The reverse is also true: natural colors ensure balance and harmony in the home. ”

the wall in our studio, painted with sustainable paint from Fairf in the colour Sofie

How to use this colour

If you think this colour will be too much for your home, here’s my advice: If you do it the right way Quiet clearing is applicable for most spaces. There are some basic ‘rules’ about how to use colour in a room, for instance with such a deep dark colour it is best to paint a wall opposite a window or a wall that catches grazing light. This way the colour looks best. Also, if the room is very small or has a low ceiling, try to combine the colour with light tones or use a smaller surface for Quiet clearing, e.g. the image above. I hope you are as inspired by this colour as I am…

part of text & images via HISTOR



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