a decade

This month it has been 10 years since I drove to the Chamber of Commerce to start PURE styling. At first I didn’t want to give any special attention to the occasion, but when I started thinking about it….

I started my own business out of passion. I wanted to create beautiful things and work on many different projects. At that time I felt it wasn’t possible for me to do that in service. I tried different jobs in styling, design and visual merchandising but I felt I could not use my creativity fully.

I am not a born entrepreneur, like there are so many. Of course, I doubted many things.
But I still did it, because the wish was stronger than the fear.

raaf sierkussensI learned by doing, I think that is the best way. Sometimes it has been difficult, especially in the first couple of years. It takes time for people to get to know you and your potential.
With time my portfolio and my confidence grew. People started believing in me because I started believing in myself. Also blogging and social media have helped a lot to show my potential.

Much has changed in 10 years. These days, PURE styling is bigger than just me. For large projects, I work with a team of very capable and creative people. I like that very much. Fortunately, we have no lack of work, and also level and size of the projects is growing.

I am thankful for the chances I got to work on wonderful projects with and for inspiring people. I am proud of myself for having the courage to jump and happy with where I am now.

upper image via heartfishpress
the other is part of a shoot I did for Raaf sierkussens



  • Monique
    maart 18, 2015Beantwoorden

    Gefeliciteerd Heidi! Je bent gegroeid tot topstylist. Het is goed aan starters te laten zien dat het tijd kost maar als je je hart volgt en doet wat je het liefst wilt het je uiteindelijk brengt waar je wilt zijn. Heel veel plezier en nog heel veel mooie projecten gewenst!

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