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Cecil Kemperink

Beautiful new work of ceramist Cecil Kemperink is now shown and for sale in the museum shop of the Coda Museum in Apeldoorn. I’ve been following Cecil for several years and am fond of her work. I find the contrast between the pure radiance of the material and the complicated structure of her work very interesting.

“In my work movement, balance, connection and wonder are important themes. Time also plays a role: intensive labor and repetitive actions make many components that together form the work. The work is made up of rings of clay and can be shaped in different ways. The movement of the work that changes shape and sound results in a “wider” image. Movement and change have become the standard” Cecil says.

'Spanish cuffs' Steengoed Cecil Kemperink 'Golden Link' aardewerk en steengoed klei Cecil Kemperink 'Veil' aardewerk klei Cecil Kemperink

The work Veil and styling in the image above are based on the veil of her mothers wedding dress. The model in the picture is Cecil’s daughter Lies, photography by Marja Sterck.



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