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Lately, we see more and more furniture with charging possibilities. On all levels, from IKEA to high design, designers think of clever solutions for our tablets, smartphones and other devices. Nobody wants to look at  tangled wires, so here are some good examples. 

Spell is a Dutch label that has been integrating charging in their designs for some time now. Stage interactive shelf, Nomad round and the Shift table all help you keep unattractive cables out of sight while your devices can stay within reach, safely and effortlessly recharging in their own hidden place.

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IKEA is launching a complete collection of furniture with wireless charing opportunities. Bedside tables, lamps, but also wireless chargers that you can build in your own furniture.
With the Riggad work lamp you can easily wirelessly charge your smartphone, just place it on the built-in charger and charging begins. There is also a USB port built in the lamp.

charge furniture 04 charge furniture 05

Artifox is a free-formed design team dedicated to reinventing the way we use everyday items. They imagine our products in a world where technology and craft intersect. In their desk 01 tablets and mobile phones dock within view, you can store headphones and bags on conveniently placed hooks and you can store power strips, hard drives and more, with just one visible cable.

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The Crossdock media deck, designed by Dick van Hoff for Functionals. Van Hoff’s sly message is that “antique” forms of communication like newspapers and magazines can peacefully co-exist with modern devices.

charge furniture 08

Turkish designer Burak Kocak designed Herb, a multifunctional sofa and living space. The sofa sits nestled between a shelving unit and a side table that holds a plant, providing storage and work space. The shelf itself is equipped with a power unit, so that devices such as laptops and phones can be charged within reach.

charge furniture 09

This one is one of my favorites: the Street charger from NYC label Pensa. Street Charge is the first solar, drop-in, community charging station for mobile devices.100% off the grid, Street Charge can be “dropped in” anywhere, becoming an elegant symbol of the beauty of drawing clean power from the sun. Winner of the Architizer A+ award, Fast Company Innovation by Design, and Inc. Magazine Best of design.

charge furniture 10

images via the various design labels.



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