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trend house Stockholm hotel lobby

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015, has invited four interior designers to the Trend Exhibition 2015/16 to design spaces that could be found both in the home and in public places: a hotel lobby, lunch room, home office and bedroom. I would like to share my pictures of two of these rooms that inspired me: in this blog the hotel lobby.Lene Ostenfeldt’s hotel lobby is in a relaxed space where you can chill out, wait, read, work, enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee, just be yourself or socialize – and meet new people.

stijlhuis b 04 stijlhuis b 03

“In my design, I would like to raise our Scandinavian roots to a new global level. The space should exude luxury and extravagance and convey a warm, comfortable feeling. For some years now, the color white has ruled and minimalist design has been popular, but I want to work with a sensitively selected color scale. More color is on the rise and I hope to inspire more courage in décor”, says Lene.

Apace with the technological revolution, where everything is technically possible, the feel of a home or public space plays an important role. A stylish decor isn’t enough; the decor is successful only when we feel comfortable and can interact in a natural way with each other. I like her design especially for the use of botanical print, vintage items and the (somewhat unexpected) use of color. Also the bar table with tiles is a nice DIY design, and waterproof too!

stijlhuis b 02 stijlhuis b 01

Lene Ostenfeldt is based in Holbæk and works as an interior stylist, concept developer, design journalist and writer.



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