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I came across Marieke Langedijks work on Instagram and was immediately struck by it. ” Vleijt ‘ is an old Dutch word meaning dedication, serious attention, hard work. This is evident in her work, but you can also see that nature is a big influence.

vleijt 01vleijt 02Marieke likes to combine diverse techniques in one design. She works “old school” with pen and pencils, but also by using different design programs. She grew up in the Dutch countryside and played outside a lot. Mother earth, with all its flora and fauna and the ability to heal herself inspires and fascinates her in many ways.

vleijt 03vleijt 04 vleijt 05vleijt 06vleijt 07Diverse natural ingredients like geodes, minerals and crystal, marble and granite can be found in her work. I especially like the fact that she takes natural components and gives them an abstract look.

She sells her art on cards and posters, please take a look at her website and shop for all options.

images via Vleijt



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