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“old ways won’t open new doors”, my first contact with the new edition of Enter the loft in Amsterdam. This text was written on the lift of the Cristofori building. On the 5th floor I found the apartment of the mysterious Mr. Benjamin,  a well-traveled, living artist with impeccable taste and an eye for authenticity, luxury and sustainability.
The concept of Enter the loft is simple: Kassandra, Floris and Maarten believe that seeing things fit together helps people imagining it in their own home. So they decorate (temporary) showrooms as if someone (Mr. Benjamin in this case) is living there, with items of their favorite brands and artists. Everything you see is for sale: you can buy when you visit, or online.

enter the loft 01 enter the loft 02 enter the loft 03 enter the loft 04Founder of The Loft Kassandra Schreuder: ‘What is best about an interior is that you can read someone’s personality, almost like a story. It says something about the questions and choices that matter in life. This edition Mr. Benjamin shows that you can make conscious choices without having to deliver in terms of luxury and aesthetics. This has resulted in collaborations with several special brands in the field of interior design, lifestyle and fashion. ”

enter the loft 05enter the loft 06 enter the loft 07 enter the loft 08 enter the loft 09

enter the loft 10enter the loft 11 enter the loft 12Definitely worth a visit, but you have to be quick: The Loft can be visited from 22 August until 6 September  in the Cristofori building at Prinsengracht 583-V. Ring the bell downstairs.



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