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reWrap treebag

reWrap is a young Dutch brand dedicated to creating stylish products that do not harm the environment. I admire brands that work this way, I know this is not an easy path…so when I saw the new reWrap product, a bag entirely made out of materials from trees, I just had to write a blog about it! All re – Wrap products are made of natural materials and are as such completely biodegradable. Partly because of the surprising choice of materials, the bag has a striking look. Also the quality is very good, you can see it has been made with craftsmanship.

rewrap treebag 01 rewrap treebag 02

The outside of the bag is made of fibre from coconut husks pressed together with a bit of natural resin. These fibres are very strong and water resistant. The inside of the bag is made of natural, sun-dried rubber, which makes the bag waterproof. Contrary to its industrial vulcanised variant, it is biodegradable.

rewrap treebag 03 rewrap treebag 04

The handle and clasp are made from sustainably managed walnut wood with FSC certification. Even the threads used to sew the bag together are of biodegradable material. On the reWrap website you can read much more about the bag and you can also watch a short film about the production.

images via reWrap



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