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Yuri Tuma

symmetry, astrangement, geometry and mystery…all to be found in the work of Brazilian artist / photographer Yuri Tuma.Yuri Tuma was born in 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and lives and works in Miami. He has had five solo exhibitions alongside Butter Gallery (2008 – 2013) and has participated in group shows and art fairs in New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Madrid. Tuma’s main practice is photography, but he has also worked with graphic design, video, sculpture, fashion and installation art.

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When he started using photography Yuri was inspired mainly by modern architecture, in his work he plays with glass and reflection, shapes, lines and patterns.

“Manmade creations are calculated and rational, losing their sense of mystery to a sense of logic. Nature and its sensation of beauty, on the contrary, holds mystical and mysterious qualities that humans are far from understanding, much less recreating. I do, however, believe that architecture, geometry and science can achieve perplexing feelings comparable to those of nature through creations not easily understood by the mind. It is in the sense of curiosity and wonder that these two opposites can find a common ground. By graphically deconstructing architectural photography we can better understand the geometric identities of the modern world. Through the presentation of symmetry and patterns I strive to provide the viewer with a moment of comfort. Visual serenity can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual awakening.”

yuri tuma 05 yuri tuma 04Yuri’s recent works are more abstract. Their rendering is simpler, more painterly, and seemingly even further removed from their photographic origins.

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images and parts of text via Yuri Tuma



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