Peperomia loves vintage

The Peperomia is plant of the month April. Every month, Mooi wat planten doen chooses a special plant that gets extra attention.  I really believe a balanced interior needs plants; plants give relaxation, liveliness and (literally) oxygen.

It’s all in the name, Peperomia means “similar to peppers.” Originating from South America, the Peperomia comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. The Peperomia does not need much care, which makes it an ideal office (and home) plant.
We shot the different Peperomia species in a vintage setting in the beautiful Gruyter fabriek in ’s – Hertogenbosch, where our studio is located. You can visit Mooi wat planten doen for more images of the Peperomia, tips & tricks in care and more styling ideas.

peperomialovesvintage 01 peperomialovesvintage 03 peperomialovesvintage 04peperomialovesvintages 02 peperomialovesvintage 05 peperomialovesvintage 06In this image, we combined vintage flower pots with ‘ordinary’ terra cotta ones that we painted with chalkboard paint. We placed all plants together on a pallet on wheels for a powerful statement.

peperomialovesvintage 07



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