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Carl Kleiner

This week I came across the work of Carl Kleiner, a photographer from Sweden on Pinterest and he immediately drew my attention. I like the bright colors that he uses and the abstract shapes he creates. He is most known for his still-life photography. Carl’s photography is colorful, graphic and experimental. He doesn’t limit himself, he uses materials ranging from paper to eggs and from clothes to dolls. All of his work has been composed completely by hand. I’d like to show you three of his projects.

First of all I’d like to show you Carl Kleiner’s exhilarating colour compositions for Herman Miller. In this he had to create a series of lively abstract collages for furniture brand Herman Miller. The company recently conducted a colour refresh of it’s three most popular solid colour lines: ‘Ground Cloth’, ‘Resonance’ and ‘Crepe’. The brief was to create a palette that felt “expansive, celestial and lighthearted.” Kleiner’s artful compositions feature textiles from these colour lines, meticulously arranged to form abstract geometric patterns and shapes.

Carl Kleiner 01

Carl Kleiner 02

Carl Kleiner 03

The second interesting project is “There Will Be Blood” by Carl Kleiner. This project started out as a project for Google with the brief to create strong graphic compositions with paper as the raw material. He had already been recognized for this paper arrangements, but until this project they had always been flat. He worked with hard, direct light and experimented with arranging the sheets at different levels and angles to accomplish these dimensions. The shadow suddenly became a key player. Though the results were too complex for Google’s needs, the technique opened a whole new avenue for Kleiner to explore, which finally lead to this amazing series that I am dying to see printed on a large scale.

Carl Kleiner 04

Carl Kleiner 05

Carl Kleiner 00

Carl Kleiner 06

Last best with the making off: Photographer Carl Kleiner’s colourful handcrafted paperscapes for Google’s new Android Marshmallow operating system. Through playing with a mix of paper stock, lighting, colour, pigments, texture, tone, finish, shadow and depth, the ‘paperscapes’ give the impression of various 3D forms, acting as optical illusions, whilst appearing as precise as a digitally created image. The palette for the Marshmallow wallpapers has been kept to Google’s four core colours, with occasional accents of neutral grey. Along with paper, other surfaces were experimented with to produce various tones and textures, including grainy powers to suggest pixelation and troughs of coloured water.

Carl Kleiner 07

Carl Kleiner 08

Carl Kleiner 09

Carl Kleiner 10

Photographs of Carl Kleiner
Parts of the text from 500photographers, Yellowtrace and Trendland.
Some photographs and parts of the text from Creativereview.



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